To facilitate the transition of black entrepreneurs from business owner to business leader, through a focus on people, process, and culture. 


JVP Legacy is Small Business Human Resources consulting firm that primarily supports black female entrepreneurs in their transition from business owner to business leaders. Employing over 15 year of experience in talent management and organizational effectiveness we empower our to clients make data-driven people and process decisions with regard to:

  • staffing plan development;

  • employee and executive onboarding;

  • culture audits and change management;

  • team building, structuring and re-organization; and

  • leadership and management skills training


On average, businesses owned by black women generate only 24 thousand dollars annually. This occurs in part because we wait too long to hire the help we need to grow our businesses.


Our ideal client is ready to beat these odds and grow a more profitable business with the understanding that they cannot do it alone. JVPs simple framework equips these ambitions legacy to builders attract, hire, retain and lead a team of the right people so they can reach their six and seven figure revenue goals.

In addition to supporting established businesses we are committed to support aspiring and transitioning entrepreneurs. We aim to accomplish this through the JVP Collective. Focusing on the areas of business development - Boss Up Your Business (BUYB), and leadership skills development - Level Up & Lead (LUAL), the JVP Collective provides group and individual coaching support that is both culturally competent and inclusive .




The JVP consulting team is comprised of a group of accomplished and amazing women of color who have spent much of their careers thriving in the face of obstacles.


Despite limited access to support, development and representation they have successfully navigated leadership roles in the for profit, nonprofit and government sectors and across an array of industries including healthcare, hospitality, education, finance and media.   


The ability to identify and maximize the opportunity in every obstacle is embedded in our individual and organizational DNA; and has proven valuable in positioning our clients for growth and success.

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