HR Strategic Partner


$ 2,500.00


3, 6 Month

or Annual Contract



Annual Cost

$ 30,000.00

If you have staff, interns, contactors, vendor or volunteers you are likely spending some part of your day, every day, navigating people and team related problems and issues. Being able to run these issues by an expert who can answer questions, provide guidance and even allow you to vent, may be the perfect solution for you.


The HR Thought Partner is designed to support CEO’s who are handling the HR function themselves and need support to ensure their decisions and processes are compliant and in alignment with HR best practices. Employing a flexible consulting model that enables innovation and change, the HR Thought Partner serves as a sounding board and trusted advisor to the business owner/CEO helping them:

  • Diagnose the root causes of problems and avoid "ready, fire, aim" solutions

  • Manage the performance of their teams

  • Expand their own leadership capacity


Up to 10 hours of support per month via video conference, phone and or email.

HR Leadership &

Team Development 

Monthly - Starting Rate

$ 5000.00


3, 6 Month

or Annual Contract



Annual Cost

$ 54,000.00

The Fractional HR Director is a great option when your current HR person/team not getting the results you were hoping for when you hired them. This can be because you have you hired individuals that can complete HR tasks but lack the experience to recommend and implement strategic initiatives or because you don’t have the proper HR knowledge to effectively assess,  lead and develop them.

On a macro level, a Fractional HR Director:

·       Acts as a strategic business advisor, to help you define and reach your HR &    

         talent goals

·       Overcomes specific human resources department and staff challenges

·       Manage culture creation, change and transformation


On a more micro level, a Fractional HR Director:

·       Research, develop, and implement comprehensive compensation and benefit      


·       Work with executive management to establish strategic succession planning

·       Manage and promote diversity and inclusion in hiring practices and culture

·       Spearhead employer branding and

·       Ensure compliance with corporate social responsibility

·       Lead HR teams and  implementations

·       Coach and counsel both employees and management

·       Apply a thorough understanding of federal and state laws

Outsourced HR Services


$ 10, 00.00

Annual Cost

$ 120,000

Your outsourced HR team will consist of an HR Director, Recruiter, and HR Coordinator (the latter of which will be your point of contact). Combined, the roles generally assume the following responsibilities:

•Culture: Assessing your organizational culture.  Get a read on what employees are thinking, how engaged they are, or what the temperature is around diversity and inclusion.  We conduct surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews to give you an assessment of your culture and recommendations for improvement.

•Process: Assistance with recommending, reviewing, and creating often-overlooked, necessary work-flows for your growing business including onboarding, offboarding, performance management, and conflict resolution.

•Strategic Growth: Gauging your organization’s strengths and weaknesses from a people perspective and improving your competitive advantage by aligning the right people with the right role.

•Recruiting: Designing and managing your custom recruiting strategy.

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