"Build an amazing human resources department” 

was not likely an item on your business vision board, a part of your business plan or even on your radar until not having one became a pain point or roadblock in your business. However, having HR support is becoming increasingly important much earlier in the startup process—particularly for businesses that are intentional about scaling quickly and sustainably.

Hiring the right talent - during expansion and implementing effective policies - is a necessity for all businesses, regardless of size. Unfortunately, HR has become a luxury reserved only for big businesses with large operating budgets. JVP is changing that with our Fractional HR option.

What is fractional HR?

Fractional HR allows you to focus on your zone of genius while allowing a team of experienced experts to manage your HR needs, instead of trying to build and manage an internal department that will increase overhead, expenses and misuse of your valuable time. Our fractional HR service is a cost-effective HR solution that provides you with expertise based on the current needs of your business, and the flexibility to have experienced human resources professionals on-demand or over a set period of hours per month.


The JVP Advantage


We have built our business with a specialized focus on supporting black female entrepreneurs.

As such we have built into our service model space to identify, address and provide customized solutions for the issues and barriers that uniquely impact these business leaders and their teams.

Our Focus is on what believe to be the six pillars of organization culture;

people and teams;
leadership approach;
work environment;
policies and procedures;
compensation strategy; and
organizational design/structure. 

If you’re a startup business, growing fast, or working on a limited budget, request a free consultation and discover how our Fractional HR solution can work for you.

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